Given two options, choose the third

August 2, 2011

Continuing rarity and reticence here at M/S; I almost neglected to promote my good friend Gabe Blackwell’s recently published story-site “Neverland”, which i did a few illustrations for. It’s a very interesting reading experience (designed to look like a web 1.0 corporate/reference website, with funny multi-media, as well my slightly incongruous illos) and a radically weird story. Anti-hero Pastor Daniel:

Pastor Daniel

Gabe’s a very unique, funny and smart writer; check out all of his projects via his website etc.


I can’t seem to fold this blog; though it sits dormant for months, and I haven’t been focused on any solo-projects to the point of sharing, I like having it here, just in case. I’m still working full-time-and-then-some at an alternative school/youth development org, and that consumes the lion’s share of my time and focus. Also still making music with Air War–we’ve written a batch of new tunes, and we are playing shows again after ‘shedding for the first half of 2011.

Another reason for my posting-decline was the crappiness of my old laptop. The Toshiba Satellite had served fairly well since my move to PDX in 2006, but had grown slow and ugly, battery long-dead, the half-broken-and-taped-up AC adaptor prone to slipping out and killing my work. I’ve finally upgraded… I have joined the ranks of the Mac-ists, and though the summer has offered plenty of non-productive temptations, I’m excited about the possibilities of this new rig, particularly in terms of music production. More projects on the horizon, maybe they’ll see the light of someday.


Made to Melt

April 15, 2011

I’ve made a guest appearance at Constance, as curator of this month’s mixtape. Click my feet to listen, and follow the Mixtape link to check out the whole series, which is pretty great. A list of songs can be found below.

Download Made to Melt

:: songlist ::
Cluster : Hollywood
Miracles Club : Light of Love
New Musik : Hunting
Korallreven : Loved Up
Xeno & Oaklander : Shadow World
Tristeza : Manitas
Modulo 1000 : Curtíssima
The Pretty Things : Grass
Orphan Egg : Falling
Ilous : Pêle-Mêle
The Sylvers : What’s it all about?
Mo Dettes : White Mice
Sinn Sinnsamouth : A Diamond Ring
Mavi Isiklar : Iyi Dusun Tasyn (For Your Information)
Desmond Dekker : Shing a Ling
July : My Clown
Clube de Esquina [Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges] : O Trem Azul
Aphrodite’s Child : Loud, Loud, Loud


Apologies also for the lull in posts. I’ve been busy taking apart mechanical watches and trying to pull together a performable set of songs, with the intention of making solo outings this summer.

This week I realized, while showing an art-inclined grad the glory of art-blogging, that a lot of my 2008 material is broken, particularly the tuneage. I’ll try to figure out what happen and fix the damage at some point…

Assignment #7

February 20, 2011

Draw a turd on fire, but make it classy

Assignment was ‘Draw a turd on fire but make it look classy.’

Sharing a Snack

February 19, 2011



February 19, 2011


Life Drawing

February 18, 2011

Mindset is funny: approaching a task I’ve done a lot, and done well in the past–but haven’t done much at all recently–I assume I can just sit down and do it as well as ever, with as much ease and fluidity as if I were still regularly practicing. And of course this is not the case. Struggle ensues, results are poor.

And I’m really happy about this: to me it’s a pretty solid indication that innate ability isn’t quite as important as Practice. Skill isn’t pre-ordained, and either permanently available or forever out-of-reach. It can be earned, it can be lost, it can be regained.

Chops. Back to the woodshed…

Song Sunday: Celebration

February 14, 2011

I’ve been learning a number of covers, and had intended to record one today, but the arrangement wasn’t quite ready… Meanwhile I finished a new song of my own, and roughed it out on 4-track this evening.


February 10, 2011




February 10, 2011



This week I’ve been exchanging drawing assignments with a friend, via txt. I’ve really enjoyed drawing things I wouldn’t have thought of, in environments I haven’t normally drawn in (mostly at lunch, in various spots). Above: today was ‘divine friend in punk rock garb’. 4″ x 2.5″


February 8, 2011