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OG Style

April 3, 2009

Gang Sweaters

Assorted Gang Cardigans

Bonus [h/t Vice]: Gallery of Chicago Gang Calling Cards



March 25, 2009

Crawfish TyeDye

Lately doing lots of Air War Web revamping (and maybe just vamping)


Also seeing a lot of tie dye, feeling like this is gonna be a summer of return. I got an idea which has so far been heavily panned, but I’ll put it up for a vote here:

Free Heino!

March 20, 2009

Should you have the need/desire for a dense progging tonight




Free Heino!

Roll this Record Up and Smoke It

March 17, 2009

I keep forgetting to tell y’all about this hecka-neat and eye-inspiring blog called Record Envelope


…her links are worth a click too.

Hunt n’ Peck

March 12, 2009

Work is super-intense, in a good way, what little brains are left, to blog–
Work: Where I hit the ground running, where the ground now is running too.
I try to keep my sanity: in the clustered ducks of multiplying projects, schoolday paroxysms, office hustle, and brand-newness swirl, and it’s probably only possible to manage because my colleagues crack me up and are extremely nice overall. It’s a really interesting, intense shift in environment, focus, intensity and pretty much everything else. At the end of the work-day, my mind is sore, like a stretched muscle. I’m pretty whelmed, not yet quite over-
I’m even enjoying wearing smart chinos. What!


Got a new music magic mystery machine. Too complicated to blast off with yet, but once things settle down, I may get back to Beats and other Wild Chores…

EDIT // why not fool around a bit:

Gift Gaffe

Tonyte, Portlande

March 9, 2009



February 27, 2009


Opportunity knocks! Minor Seconds got him a job yeah! Hiyi!


February 20, 2009

I now have a portfolio up at Carbonmade. You can check it out at

It primarily consists of flyers and drawings that have already been posted on Minor Seconds; I made it primarily as a way of collecting some projects in an easy-to-look-at way. It’s definitely going to be a work in progress, but, for now, it’s there…

Various Locations

January 21, 2008

My primary design pursuit since The Teen Ages has been making rock show flyers. For bands I’ve played in, and also occasionally shows put on by friends + associates. Actually I think the first flyer I ever did was for a show at The Bandstand in St. Martinville, LA. I was 14; a friend of mine named Jeremy put it on, and Urbosleeks, October Groundfly, Yellow Dye #5 and Stitch played. I saw the flyer once on the Fiddy Cent Draft Blog, but the page with it is gone now. I hope I run across it again sometime, I don’t have a copy. That show changed my life, in particular seeing Steve Miller play bass for the first time, and break a bass guitar string (something which has been a frequent occurance for me lately, for whatever reason). I also seem to recall doing a flyer for a show at The Wall on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette, LA, not sure if that was later on or even earlier [both would be late 1993 or 1994].

Nonetheless, here’s a couple of recent pieces for my current band, Air War:



air war 11/27

I’m pretty stoked about the Tube flyer being printed in color. It’s a rare luxury. I’ve noticed Holocene’s flyers lately seem to be one-color using red or purple toner–pretty brilliant. I did once do a two-color xerox and spraypaint side for (The) Frames of Reference:





This image is slightly different from the printed/posted flyers. The sky [pink] is a scrap from a test of the stencil, attached to a handbill and scanned. The 11×17″ posters were all spraypainted directly, and the clouds went across the top, making a more pronounced horizon.

There are a couple of other Frames items I’ll eventually post–in my year and a half of playing drums in the band, I did several broadsides, a t-shirt and a couple of album covers.