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Given two options, choose the third

August 2, 2011

Continuing rarity and reticence here at M/S; I almost neglected to promote my good friend Gabe Blackwell’s recently published story-site “Neverland”, which i did a few illustrations for. It’s a very interesting reading experience (designed to look like a web 1.0 corporate/reference website, with funny multi-media, as well my slightly incongruous illos) and a radically weird story. Anti-hero Pastor Daniel:

Pastor Daniel

Gabe’s a very unique, funny and smart writer; check out all of his projects via his website etc.


I can’t seem to fold this blog; though it sits dormant for months, and I haven’t been focused on any solo-projects to the point of sharing, I like having it here, just in case. I’m still working full-time-and-then-some at an alternative school/youth development org, and that consumes the lion’s share of my time and focus. Also still making music with Air War–we’ve written a batch of new tunes, and we are playing shows again after ‘shedding for the first half of 2011.

Another reason for my posting-decline was the crappiness of my old laptop. The Toshiba Satellite had served fairly well since my move to PDX in 2006, but had grown slow and ugly, battery long-dead, the half-broken-and-taped-up AC adaptor prone to slipping out and killing my work. I’ve finally upgraded… I have joined the ranks of the Mac-ists, and though the summer has offered plenty of non-productive temptations, I’m excited about the possibilities of this new rig, particularly in terms of music production. More projects on the horizon, maybe they’ll see the light of someday.