Made to Melt

I’ve made a guest appearance at Constance, as curator of this month’s mixtape. Click my feet to listen, and follow the Mixtape link to check out the whole series, which is pretty great. A list of songs can be found below.

Download Made to Melt

:: songlist ::
Cluster : Hollywood
Miracles Club : Light of Love
New Musik : Hunting
Korallreven : Loved Up
Xeno & Oaklander : Shadow World
Tristeza : Manitas
Modulo 1000 : Curtíssima
The Pretty Things : Grass
Orphan Egg : Falling
Ilous : Pêle-Mêle
The Sylvers : What’s it all about?
Mo Dettes : White Mice
Sinn Sinnsamouth : A Diamond Ring
Mavi Isiklar : Iyi Dusun Tasyn (For Your Information)
Desmond Dekker : Shing a Ling
July : My Clown
Clube de Esquina [Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges] : O Trem Azul
Aphrodite’s Child : Loud, Loud, Loud


Apologies also for the lull in posts. I’ve been busy taking apart mechanical watches and trying to pull together a performable set of songs, with the intention of making solo outings this summer.

This week I realized, while showing an art-inclined grad the glory of art-blogging, that a lot of my 2008 material is broken, particularly the tuneage. I’ll try to figure out what happen and fix the damage at some point…

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