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Assignment #7

February 20, 2011

Draw a turd on fire, but make it classy

Assignment was ‘Draw a turd on fire but make it look classy.’

Sharing a Snack

February 19, 2011



February 19, 2011


Life Drawing

February 18, 2011

Mindset is funny: approaching a task I’ve done a lot, and done well in the past–but haven’t done much at all recently–I assume I can just sit down and do it as well as ever, with as much ease and fluidity as if I were still regularly practicing. And of course this is not the case. Struggle ensues, results are poor.

And I’m really happy about this: to me it’s a pretty solid indication that innate ability isn’t quite as important as Practice. Skill isn’t pre-ordained, and either permanently available or forever out-of-reach. It can be earned, it can be lost, it can be regained.

Chops. Back to the woodshed…

Song Sunday: Celebration

February 14, 2011

I’ve been learning a number of covers, and had intended to record one today, but the arrangement wasn’t quite ready… Meanwhile I finished a new song of my own, and roughed it out on 4-track this evening.


February 10, 2011




February 10, 2011



This week I’ve been exchanging drawing assignments with a friend, via txt. I’ve really enjoyed drawing things I wouldn’t have thought of, in environments I haven’t normally drawn in (mostly at lunch, in various spots). Above: today was ‘divine friend in punk rock garb’. 4″ x 2.5″


February 8, 2011


Slow Flight

February 6, 2011

Sketches of corpulent and ornate Birds of the Street, sumi on vellum