Slow Flight

February 6, 2011

Sketches of corpulent and ornate Birds of the Street, sumi on vellum


Come into my Kitchen

January 30, 2011

come into my kitchen

Come into my Kitchen, c. 2005

All sorts of unexpected fruit are setting this January. Unfurling intentions, re-emergent obsessions and semi-radical Acceptance have charmed my first weeks of MMXI.

In particular, I’ve been sucked back into my love affair with Guitar. Something’s different this time though: I haven’t really been writing a lot of music, instead I’ve been learning how to play songs by others. I’d never really tried faithfully covering a beautiful, simple song, and I’ve found the practice of learning tunes I love to be tremendously gratifying and inspiring.

It’s weird to me that I never spent much time doing this before, in fact I consciously avoided it. I’d always been focused on writing my own songs, and even when I’ve covered a song in the past, I felt like it needed to be significantly altered, mutated, overcomplicated, turned into some Other thing that I could inhabit. I feel now like my unwillingness to learn and play a simple song was a misguided ideology, a nutrient-deficient musical vegetarianism. Singing and playing a song with an acceptance of the perfection it’s author’s work has imbued it with–without the need to completely revamp or rewrite it, relinquishing all of the stretching, slicing, fussing and fucking with it, and just enjoying it, As-It-Is–has been a holy and pleasing thing.

I’m not sure what I’m going to Do with this; I don’t really see it as a performance-oriented pursuit at the moment. There’s not really any goal, beyond learning and enjoying. Pleasure and craft. I overlooked the enjoyment that could come from such a normal, rudimentary practice for too long, and I’m giddy about the inspiration it’s providing. And maybe sometime, I’ll play your favorite song for you.


January 1, 2011

Teepees + Temples, no. Teepees + Temples, no. 1

Maybe it’s the combination of coffee, Zapp’s Voodoo Gumbo potato chips and this incredible Eyo Beats mixtape from Domino Records, but I’m feeling profoundly inspired and motivated this morning. I just returned from a trip home to Louisiana yesterday evening, and was too sick to go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve last night, so it could also be that the week of busyness and inspiration, followed by some involuntary rest has me fired up. I also can’t discount my uninformed fascination with numbers–not knowledgeable enough to be considered numerology, but obsessive enough to constantly pique my attention–and the fact that in date shorthand today is 1-1-11: There cannot possibly be a better day to begin anything, at least in my lifetime.

Teepees + Temples, no. 2

I’ve promised a couple of friends that I would resurrect this blog, and in fact there were several times in 2010 when a stray post made its way out of the drafts, but last year was, admittedly, a creatively stymied one, at least in terms of what bore sharing. Aside from completing a record with my band Air War, I didn’t really write a lot of music, and though there are a stack of drawings from last year, I wasn’t really inclined to share them.

Teepees + Temples, no. 3

Nonetheless, I have realized that I’m responsible for my own creative health, and it isn’t right to lay blame with my job because I don’t carve out time to play guitar, or allow stress to make my drawings shitty. I have long known that I’m my own harshest critic, but I know now that I’m robbing others of the opportunity to criticize my art. I’m sorry I’ve been so uncharitable. I have resolved to share more work–old and new–through the Minor Seconds blog in 2011, whether I like it or not. I’ve realized that my opinion of it isn’t the point.

Teepees + Temples, no. 4

These drawings were done back in December. Series entitled Teepees + Temples. All are Sumi ink on paper. More archaeology to come, and new nonsense too. Cheers friends, good luck this year.

Teepees + Temples, no. 5

Sketch for another Song about Waiting

October 25, 2010

This blog has slept all summer, and I kind of wish I had too. Unfortunately I allowed my soul to get consumed by my labors, but lately I’ve been reminded that we are all the designers of our own destinies. Despite my delays, detours, doubts and distractions, I’m still sketching things out.

This weekend I dusted off the old 414. This was my mic test.

Make a Brick

November 9, 2009

All new breathing: after a sludgy weekend, the head-cold breaks, just in time for a return to the workweek. Sniffled & cleaned much of the weekend, to less than hoped result.

At one point I consulted the Oblique Strategies, which stated: “Not building a wall, but making a brick”. I thought, ‘Yeah, exactly”, but now I’m not sure how small the brick is supposed to be. Maybe I need to go back further: “Not making a brick, but finding the mud.”

I Can’t Wait for This Spring

November 6, 2009

Katie Eary Spring Collection


Mark of the Least

October 8, 2009

Minor Seconds blog is at full ebb. Summer seems to be the slow season by far. But then last fall was when things really got cooking around here, following a similar silent phase, so–

I’d concede to feeling pretty uninspired and generally drained for a while – for reasons probably already sufficiently alluded to – but I hope to brighten the creeative corners, and fall is always a favored season for that. Whether or not this translates into swole blogging will remain to be seen…

Shortly, I creep in to 30[s]. Son of Sam Hain, get yourself back!


Where is my other?


Note from Mom

September 4, 2009

Note from Mom


September 3, 2009

Out of want for an appropriate and efficient modality for quick blags and general micropithyness, and with some inspiration from Minor blogcrush Vander Yacht, I’ve christened my ship in the waters of Twitter:

Oh, eaten words, you taste so good!

Gallery Hours

August 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I spent the afternoon working in the gallery I used to call job; at the desk of the past. Here’s an interlude against self-pity and stress-stoking, in celebration of slow time.