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Whirl Friends

April 29, 2009

What’s good n th hood:

– Almost finished “Savage Detectives” after months of slogging
– New kicks (sneakers & wingtips)
– New hi-tops to mail to Baby D
– Yogurting
– Having enough bread to buy a new amp
– Warm Rain Smell
– Greg’s “Hand of Death” Pushead T-shirt
– This Dylan Thomas Collection that I found thrifting years ago and finally have gotten into – All the Hits!
– Wilderness Buddytime Weekend
– Blazers comeback?!!?
– I may get a car!?!?!



April 23, 2009

I’m still working on my emoticon for mind-blowage, but the title of this blog is a fair encapsulation of job’s effect on brains. Its not a good or bad thing, I just gotta train my brain. Install an on-off switch so I’m not laying in bed at night thinking about how I could have managed a situation better or what I’m going to do about it tomorrow or when I’m going to have time n’ energy to do some awesome ish for my blog. I’m having a lot of ‘grown-up’ feelings y’all, it’s lame. Time-lapse photography would confirm your suspicions: my hair and beard are getting shorter by the day. Gotta handle up on that granola! Get profreshional!

Tonight that Air War is gonna get down at The Know, pretty early. We keep that Cajun feeling in our heart….


April 17, 2009


Time vs. Tyme

April 15, 2009

The ideal part of the day for me to blog is right about now, but I learned yesterday that showing up late for work is less permissible than cutting out early. Except that cutting out early is usually infeasible. Either way, blogging is no excuse for lateness. I’ll have to learn how to harness the second wind, and get a little more magickal in the afternoons.

The software with which I aimed to pursue my beatmaking diversions is really bumming me out–for all of the flashy options and interfaces and plugins and c. it still would appear that dropping a triplet in is a no go. In fact, I’ve started about 40 projects, and completed like 3. There’s just nothing happening. Sometimes less advanced means offer better ends, and of course greater ease of use.

Dreamed of drawing last night. Better get on it!

Blog in One Part

April 9, 2009

Watched Glass: A Portrait of Philip Glass in Twelve Parts last night. It was an exceptionally revealing film; it had the simultaneous impacts of amplifying my adoration and respect for Glass and his work while also humanizing him and offering a bit of revelation to be disappointed by–like any good biography.

In Summary: Titanic Genius, Searching & Obsessive, Mutant Heart…Vampire?


April 8, 2009

I just discovered that there is a band in my hometown sort of named after the neighborhood I grew up in: Broadmoore. It’s not really my jam, but they’re pretty good at what they do, and seem to be fairly popular. I just wish they didn’t add an “e” to Broadmoor–keep it real dudes! I hope at least one of them is actually from the hood…you don’t wanna cross the Broadmoor Army; they’re all lawyers now.

Last night I went to my buddy Zabe‘s reading. It was lots of fun. His story was a transchronological tour of The LaBrea Tarpits with the Discovery Institute. Also, many of the attendees were surprisingly attractive. But then someone began a poem with the phrase “I feel alienated”. Gawd! Listen to some Broadmoore, you’ll feel better!


April 6, 2009

This weekend was the opposite of restful; I’m all fun-fried and now suddenly it’s time to get dressed and go to work and I wish my job was going back to sleep.

Best invented term of Spectral Saturday:


Worst band name:


Best Breakfast:


Cream-cheese stuffed french bread with boysenberry compote

Tidepool Goth

April 5, 2009

forest light

OG Style

April 3, 2009

Gang Sweaters

Assorted Gang Cardigans

Bonus [h/t Vice]: Gallery of Chicago Gang Calling Cards


You Can’t Mess With Success

April 2, 2009