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Study for Mammoth Puke

February 20, 2008



Maybe worth clicking to Flickr, for larger image + better barf resolution.

Jerks on Paper

February 18, 2008





The making of and hanging of tags has been blast-enjoyed. About 1/3 on 1970s – 80s pickup trucks, 1/3 on bicycles and 1/3 in grocery stores and random spots. Infinite cryptograms still to come BUT the vacation from drawing must come to an end. Actually, the sketchbook has been getting action, just no results worth a post. Spring is springing though, pens are poppin’. Things, to come. Also maybe a post on and of Inspirational Materials, particularly a beautiful book Nicole gave me, on alphabet forms in design, as well as a stack of 1970s Oui that I intended to cut up but can’t bring myself to deface.

get here out of me

February 14, 2008

Get here out of me

For the second morning in a row…

February 12, 2008

I’m spinning Hall + Oates after breakfast. Also on repeat: the new Evangelicals album, which is stunning.

Collage City: I’m cracked-out on making these, and they’re all going out into the world. Unconditional lovenotes to strangers.

nos. 5, 6


nos. 7, 8



Cover Songs

February 11, 2008

low numbers


From the first batch of collages done this week. Art snacks. Still derived, but eventually arriving. Once I’ve finished a few more, I’m going to go for a walk and hang these on things + in places. Tagging.


February 1, 2008


So…I just happened to notice last night that in every browser besides Opera (which apparently is smart enough to resize images to fit page formatting, rather than stretch everything out like bad drugs), all the images on here were terribly skewed. I have just completed fixing up my sizing so that everyone in the world can use the browser of their choosing to look at this fascinating blog. Of course, it would have been great if someone would have commented or emailed me about how gross everything looked. Just sayin’.

And of course I have learned a valuable lesson about checking one’s web page on multiple browsers.