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November 30, 2008

I’ve Got Gems in my Pocket, To Heal You

1 // Oh, I forgot to introduce myself
2 // Not Jewels, Just Wet
3 // Newspaper Crush
4 // Pearl District
5 // That was my Raver Name
6 // Theme for Alarm
7 // Title Track
8 // Sister Wives
9 // I touched you at the Soundcheck
0 // Dropped Drugs
1 // Smoke Reel

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November 29, 2008

ON October 30th I posted the first song on this blog (‘4 chords, 2 mouths’ which, to be precise, was posted on the Air War blog just before that). Tommorrow is November 30th, and in celebration of my unhealthy obsession with a drum machine, I will be releasing the first Minor Seconds full-width album:

MINOR SECONDS No. 1 / I’ve Got Gems in my Pocket, to Heal You

11 songs large, almost all of which have appeared on the blog, in truncated fashion. Everything is remixed and rearranged, and there’s new stuff too.  Anything that won’t be on it is already available for download, via the button on the top left of the blog’s main page.

Cheers! c.

Baste Yr T(of)urkey, Crust Yr Pie

November 28, 2008

Thank you for you! A cornucopia of feeling. YIIIIIII YI YI:


Newspaper Crush

November 26, 2008

Not Jewels, Just Wet

November 25, 2008

Necklace of Mouths

November 24, 2008

A flyer started, a show cancelled. Found this in the Perpetual Piles. I don’t remember what I did instead that night, unsurprisingly. Has anyone ever made a flyer for staying home? Maybe I should. XI/XXIV: I stayed home, made beats, Photoshopped and Watched TV! Oh, and blogged

The Know 7/20 CANCELLED

Remixing While Rome Burns

November 24, 2008

What’s next for the Minor Seconds Sound? I’m reworking some of the songs I’ve already posted, and plan to make a few more, from which the first Minor Seconds long-player will be stitched. Once it’s done I’ll post it for download. The goal is an early December release.

‘Avery Island’ won’t be included in that, but if you want to grab it, heres a link {{Avery Island}}

Mouth problems won’t be in either, but here’s a modified version of it, for keeps:

Mouth Problems [Delicate Subjects Remix]


Mouth Load

HINT: if you want to grab any of the other songs I’ve posted on here, go to and search ‘Minor Seconds’. All mp3s are hosted there.

Theme from Can’t Wake Up

November 20, 2008

This morning I’m supposed to draw a couple of Ken Shores pots for a gallery card…a nice opportunity and all, though Adobe Illustrator would be cool-er [ ;h ;i ;n ;t] Later on I’ll post the drawings, and maybe also the card.
I set my alarm for an early rise but I can’t get started. I felt like finishing this ditty off first. Eggs and hashbrowns, then beats, then drawing. And it’s raining anyway.

Sister Wives

November 19, 2008

The Air War recording sessions have been the musical focus of the last few days. Also, I’ve been watching the first season of ‘Big Love’ with my GF–I have to admit, I’m kind of addicted to the show, even if it’s riddled with improbable situations and seeming inconsistencies. It’s also fostered some contemplation of the nature of commitment, consent and “marriage”. Here’s a brief beat for your cogitations on such:

Avery Island

November 13, 2008

Finally, a semi-proper Thing, concieved with haste in a night, following the succesful installation of Pro Tool$. And in standard tuning! Various glitches intentional and non-, But How Faste: