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October 30, 2008

This blog isn’t even a year old, but I’m about to be 29. In honor of my achievement in longevity, Minor Seconds is going to expand its purview, and become an ART + MUSIC blog.

The Air War Blog project has stimulated some ideas on my part, and rather than oversaturate and dilute the collective with my musical experiments, I’m going to start posting songs here. My goal is to post at least one piece per week.

Art posts will hopefully continue to appear with the frequency they’ve recently attained.

Happy Sam Hain:

4 Chords, 2 Mouths


Election Earring

October 28, 2008

For the next Air War flyer.

Sunday Comic

October 26, 2008

Proposed Sister (Abyss)

October 25, 2008



October 21, 2008


The band [a i r w a r] has launched a blog:

From here on out I’ll be posting any/all band-related art there.
And writing about stuff, maybe.

And just in case you’ve never seen this:

Long Absence vs. Body Art + Snake Eggs

October 12, 2008

Obviously, the blog gland has been atrophied lately…here are a couple of recent flyers; honestly not much else worth posting at the moment. It’s been a great summer, sunny, lovely, and in my case, not really amenable to sitting down to art unless it’s necessary (i.e., the band need’s a flyer). And but so now as the nation’s economic woes remind us of the old proverb, “fire the gardner first [and the art dealer right after that]” I will do my best to tread water, and if there’s time (which unfortunately there may end up being a bit too much of in my case) I’ll try to art up a bit more. No promises, but: