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Note from Mom

September 4, 2009

Note from Mom

Ore Chasms

June 7, 2009

I’m all knotted

from an intensely long week

Finally, A Sabbath

Tidepool Goth

April 5, 2009

forest light

Already in to Apple Apple

January 21, 2009

Already into Apple Apple


As of yesterday, MINOR SECONDS is one year old.

Cut This Up and Make Something Else

January 4, 2009

After years of avoided use, I can finally hurl my terrible HP digital camera off of a bridge–I’ve been direly needing something to take remotely decent pictures with, and I got a sweet Sony number last week. I still need to adjust to actually carrying a camera around with me–this new one is small, so it’s more a matter of remembering it than anything else. I did take a few shots around New Orleans, some of which are below, and by my flickr, tooooo: