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April 17, 2009



The New Gratifications

March 3, 2009

After a spell of unemployment (and a surplus of “down-time”) it’s supremely satisfying to work for 8 hours. I didn’t even want a lunch break! Whoa! Also, this is the first non-coffee shop job I’ve ever had where there’s a steady supply of FREE COFFEE. Like, a big pot that’s Always Full. Or at least half-full–it’s very optimistic!


A perk sure to retain it’s wonderfulness far beyond that of The Eight Hour Day.

Also on the to-do list for the week:

*I should thank Stephan for the recommendation of this lost gem…

Stay Behind My Aura!

February 15, 2009

As Extreme Camp goes, one may be hard pressed to do better than Zardoz. Why it’s worthy: young hirsute and ponytailed Sean Connery, young (and quite fetching) Charlotte Rampling and Sara Kestelman, tremendously bad acting, ridiculous yet bizarrely stylish costumes, “perpetually stoned set decorators” (Ebert) and lots of weird sexuality. So nice I tried watching it twice. May not quite be worthy of reappraisal, but probably worth seeing on accident.

Sir Isaac Newton Wallpaper

February 15, 2009

There are many great search terms that lead to Minor Seconds…

US Maple: one of my musical inspirations. Freed genius and magic accident accumulation. Classic rock? There’s a documentary about them in the works. And lots of cool footage on youtube, in the meantime.