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Gallery Hours

August 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I spent the afternoon working in the gallery I used to call job; at the desk of the past. Here’s an interlude against self-pity and stress-stoking, in celebration of slow time.


Hush or Miss It

July 21, 2009

In my room, bebreifed and beovened in the afternoon heat/afterwork stupor. Listening to the first mixtape Faulkner made for the Cajun Boys Collective, which I enjoy because it’s so much like a mixtape I might have made for myself, as the best usually are. The day’s weird leftover energy: I wanna go in five directions, but I kinda just wanna sit here too, and let everything else go in five directions for me.

We thoroughly cleaned house yesterday, which is too bad because this week’s heat will likely make it an unsuitable place to do anything (expect perhaps in the basement, which we didn’t clean). At any rate I find that I am more prone to cleaning than I used to be, which is probably an attempt to exert control or feel some sense of stability, away from the stuck-throttle of work.

Work, clean, bass and dream–that is a fair summary of activities outside of the occasional [and current] languor in which I’m composing this blog. Oh, and a daily Neti Pot! Simple pleasures and drastic measures. I may try to read Mary Robison’s Why Did I Ever again, so as to access this feeling of sinewy sweaty NOLAness I’ve lately been pining for in the soft Oregon heat. My friend Penny loaned me the book back in the day, and it was just the ennui I needed then; maybe it will do me right again. It’s funny how the jones for new ideas + feelings always seems to send me to old places…

Cupcake Cuff

June 25, 2009

Regular rigors have got my brain all stretchy and pliable like hot putty, so I’ve fashioned a bit of a handle this week, and I’m maintaining a grip–hopefully it’s not just the eye-socket of a storm. Normal is always new, in a way…brains like to adjust, and if I’m managing not to capsize with the help of frozen corndogs, frequent thriftshopping and an early bedtime, why complain?

Air War is keeping my music-mind busy, as new riffs and pieces need lyrics and other mouth-noises. The lyric suggestion sheets we distributed at our last show have yielded good word-kernels and actionable criticism–we are well on our way to a more democratic method of rocking.

The summer is bustin’ out, and I just got a new glue-stick. It may be tags-tyme again soon. Will keep you posted…

I should be dancing

June 20, 2009

Saturday is the new Friday, where I am concerned, and as I prepare to perform my various labors, I’d like what what she’s having

My other bike is a bike

May 8, 2009

Sorries for the slump in blog activity…I’ve been super keyed up with my new job and not much for blogitivity. I’m doodling madly in the note margins all day so maybe I’ll have to do a marginalia post…we’ll see. Aside from long hours, project vortices and stress-to-go, I’m B-)ing in the sunminutes, eating eggs, reading junk, shooting hoops, o and on the creation front, Air War is still crackticing twice a week, writing new songs forever. In the near future I will own a car and finally put my plants in the ground. Keep on Truckiñ ///


April 23, 2009

I’m still working on my emoticon for mind-blowage, but the title of this blog is a fair encapsulation of job’s effect on brains. Its not a good or bad thing, I just gotta train my brain. Install an on-off switch so I’m not laying in bed at night thinking about how I could have managed a situation better or what I’m going to do about it tomorrow or when I’m going to have time n’ energy to do some awesome ish for my blog. I’m having a lot of ‘grown-up’ feelings y’all, it’s lame. Time-lapse photography would confirm your suspicions: my hair and beard are getting shorter by the day. Gotta handle up on that granola! Get profreshional!

Tonight that Air War is gonna get down at The Know, pretty early. We keep that Cajun feeling in our heart….

Time vs. Tyme

April 15, 2009

The ideal part of the day for me to blog is right about now, but I learned yesterday that showing up late for work is less permissible than cutting out early. Except that cutting out early is usually infeasible. Either way, blogging is no excuse for lateness. I’ll have to learn how to harness the second wind, and get a little more magickal in the afternoons.

The software with which I aimed to pursue my beatmaking diversions is really bumming me out–for all of the flashy options and interfaces and plugins and c. it still would appear that dropping a triplet in is a no go. In fact, I’ve started about 40 projects, and completed like 3. There’s just nothing happening. Sometimes less advanced means offer better ends, and of course greater ease of use.

Dreamed of drawing last night. Better get on it!

Look out weekend, ’cause here I Grunge

March 27, 2009

I wound through my afternoon at work with a painful need to nap, a failing brain barely firing…and when I finally did burrow into my unmade bed, my semi-dreams were all me moving logos and type around on a screen. Unconscious poisoned! And yet: I’m not really a designer, there, or here, not ‘really’, but at the same time everyone is a designer, of his and her world, what is touched and said and written and clicked around in a diamond web of binary. “Everyone thinks they’re a designer” because they are–it’s just that not all of us are good designers.


It seems like when I’m riding around with Greg, I frequently see people trip on the sidewalk: like, I look over right as they’re falling, or mid-stumble-recovery. Especially on MLK. Maybe because the sidewalks are more uneven. I’m not even sure that’s it’s always with Greg; it is usually when I’m riding in a car that I see these things. I guess it also may be that alot of people here are bad walkers. I’m right at home with that.

Title credit: B*Tat

Hunt n’ Peck

March 12, 2009

Work is super-intense, in a good way, what little brains are left, to blog–
Work: Where I hit the ground running, where the ground now is running too.
I try to keep my sanity: in the clustered ducks of multiplying projects, schoolday paroxysms, office hustle, and brand-newness swirl, and it’s probably only possible to manage because my colleagues crack me up and are extremely nice overall. It’s a really interesting, intense shift in environment, focus, intensity and pretty much everything else. At the end of the work-day, my mind is sore, like a stretched muscle. I’m pretty whelmed, not yet quite over-
I’m even enjoying wearing smart chinos. What!


Got a new music magic mystery machine. Too complicated to blast off with yet, but once things settle down, I may get back to Beats and other Wild Chores…

EDIT // why not fool around a bit:

Gift Gaffe

The New Gratifications

March 3, 2009

After a spell of unemployment (and a surplus of “down-time”) it’s supremely satisfying to work for 8 hours. I didn’t even want a lunch break! Whoa! Also, this is the first non-coffee shop job I’ve ever had where there’s a steady supply of FREE COFFEE. Like, a big pot that’s Always Full. Or at least half-full–it’s very optimistic!


A perk sure to retain it’s wonderfulness far beyond that of The Eight Hour Day.

Also on the to-do list for the week:

*I should thank Stephan for the recommendation of this lost gem…