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May 11, 2009

Last night I dreamed that someone chastised me for saying “Hi-Yi” and “Ki” too much. A warning from the unconcious…



April 6, 2009

This weekend was the opposite of restful; I’m all fun-fried and now suddenly it’s time to get dressed and go to work and I wish my job was going back to sleep.

Best invented term of Spectral Saturday:


Worst band name:


Best Breakfast:


Cream-cheese stuffed french bread with boysenberry compote

Look out weekend, ’cause here I Grunge

March 27, 2009

I wound through my afternoon at work with a painful need to nap, a failing brain barely firing…and when I finally did burrow into my unmade bed, my semi-dreams were all me moving logos and type around on a screen. Unconscious poisoned! And yet: I’m not really a designer, there, or here, not ‘really’, but at the same time everyone is a designer, of his and her world, what is touched and said and written and clicked around in a diamond web of binary. “Everyone thinks they’re a designer” because they are–it’s just that not all of us are good designers.


It seems like when I’m riding around with Greg, I frequently see people trip on the sidewalk: like, I look over right as they’re falling, or mid-stumble-recovery. Especially on MLK. Maybe because the sidewalks are more uneven. I’m not even sure that’s it’s always with Greg; it is usually when I’m riding in a car that I see these things. I guess it also may be that alot of people here are bad walkers. I’m right at home with that.

Title credit: B*Tat

Abyss of Events, Slow Swirl

February 17, 2009

Listening to The Clientele…this band peaces my heart out. Their haze is thick. They’re good in this room. I’m just noticing green-orange sunniness in the window behind me. I burnt incense in here earlier, to cover the Must that our vacuum spews; now I’m smelling college and similar sitting in similar rooms.


“You’ve got the spirit, don’t lose the feeling.”


“You said you were hot stuff, and that’s what baby’s been reduced to.”


Air War plays tonight at Dunes. I will bang my head and sweat and sing. I will stay in tune in previously unimaginable ways.

We haven’t played a show since the election. Holy Fuck was life different that night \\\\\\\\\

Commercial Fantasy

January 29, 2009

Last night I was watching bad-as-in-good television with the 43rd Ave Crew, and saw a commercial for Diet Dr. Pepper involving an animated candy aisle exploding with happiness as said beverage arrived…I immediately exclaimed something about how this commercial would have been my absolute favorite when I was a kid; really anything involving ordinary objects becoming animated and doing stuff was a sure mind-blower. Anyway this minor revelation led immediately to a concept for a commercial for some as yet undetermined thing. Storyboard:

Opeing shot: Guy is unlocking door to music store/cut to him flipping on lights/cut to him leaning on counter–shot takes in room full of instruments.
Then: a solitary burn-out dude, soloing, loudly, badly. Employee still in leaning state at counter. Montage follows: Assorted combinations of teenagers and weirdos jamming on assorted instruments, awful cacophony. Maybe a closeup of store employee, grimacing. Day passes with assorted awful jam sessions [anyone who’s spent a minute in a musical instrument store is familiar with this scene, and anyone who has worked in one has probably contemplated various crimes after a day of this].
A brief sequence of employee closing the store.
Then: in darkened store, picks and drumsticks start fluttering out of bins, cables flop to guitars and plug themselves in, amps come to life. Epic animated instrument jam begins, it is Awesome. [Still not sure what song they should play. Maybe “Peaches in Regalia”?]

Not sure where to go from here. I had an mindgasm imagining the last part. Also not sure what it could be a commercial for. Banking? IT?

Theme from Can’t Wake Up

November 20, 2008

This morning I’m supposed to draw a couple of Ken Shores pots for a gallery card…a nice opportunity and all, though Adobe Illustrator would be cool-er [ ;h ;i ;n ;t] Later on I’ll post the drawings, and maybe also the card.
I set my alarm for an early rise but I can’t get started. I felt like finishing this ditty off first. Eggs and hashbrowns, then beats, then drawing. And it’s raining anyway.