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Gallery Hours

August 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I spent the afternoon working in the gallery I used to call job; at the desk of the past. Here’s an interlude against self-pity and stress-stoking, in celebration of slow time.

Shaved Women

March 19, 2009

Shaved Women - Crass

One of my favorite intros evah.┬áSplinterd and spliced this afternoon, into a dancefloor disaster in 4 movements–all in under a minute.

Remixing While Rome Burns

November 24, 2008

What’s next for the Minor Seconds Sound? I’m reworking some of the songs I’ve already posted, and plan to make a few more, from which the first Minor Seconds long-player will be stitched. Once it’s done I’ll post it for download. The goal is an early December release.

‘Avery Island’ won’t be included in that, but if you want to grab it, heres a link {{Avery Island}}

Mouth problems won’t be in either, but here’s a modified version of it, for keeps:

Mouth Problems [Delicate Subjects Remix]


Mouth Load

HINT: if you want to grab any of the other songs I’ve posted on here, go to and search ‘Minor Seconds’. All mp3s are hosted there.