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Cupcake Cuff

June 25, 2009

Regular rigors have got my brain all stretchy and pliable like hot putty, so I’ve fashioned a bit of a handle this week, and I’m maintaining a grip–hopefully it’s not just the eye-socket of a storm. Normal is always new, in a way…brains like to adjust, and if I’m managing not to capsize with the help of frozen corndogs, frequent thriftshopping and an early bedtime, why complain?

Air War is keeping my music-mind busy, as new riffs and pieces need lyrics and other mouth-noises. The lyric suggestion sheets we distributed at our last show have yielded good word-kernels and actionable criticism–we are well on our way to a more democratic method of rocking.

The summer is bustin’ out, and I just got a new glue-stick. It may be tags-tyme again soon. Will keep you posted…



May 11, 2009

Last night I dreamed that someone chastised me for saying “Hi-Yi” and “Ki” too much. A warning from the unconcious…

My other bike is a bike

May 8, 2009

Sorries for the slump in blog activity…I’ve been super keyed up with my new job and not much for blogitivity. I’m doodling madly in the note margins all day so maybe I’ll have to do a marginalia post…we’ll see. Aside from long hours, project vortices and stress-to-go, I’m B-)ing in the sunminutes, eating eggs, reading junk, shooting hoops, o and on the creation front, Air War is still crackticing twice a week, writing new songs forever. In the near future I will own a car and finally put my plants in the ground. Keep on Truckiñ ///


April 23, 2009

I’m still working on my emoticon for mind-blowage, but the title of this blog is a fair encapsulation of job’s effect on brains. Its not a good or bad thing, I just gotta train my brain. Install an on-off switch so I’m not laying in bed at night thinking about how I could have managed a situation better or what I’m going to do about it tomorrow or when I’m going to have time n’ energy to do some awesome ish for my blog. I’m having a lot of ‘grown-up’ feelings y’all, it’s lame. Time-lapse photography would confirm your suspicions: my hair and beard are getting shorter by the day. Gotta handle up on that granola! Get profreshional!

Tonight that Air War is gonna get down at The Know, pretty early. We keep that Cajun feeling in our heart….


March 25, 2009

Crawfish TyeDye

Lately doing lots of Air War Web revamping (and maybe just vamping)


Also seeing a lot of tie dye, feeling like this is gonna be a summer of return. I got an idea which has so far been heavily panned, but I’ll put it up for a vote here:

Free Heino!

March 20, 2009

Should you have the need/desire for a dense progging tonight




Free Heino!

Tonyte, Portlande

March 9, 2009


Abyss of Events, Slow Swirl

February 17, 2009

Listening to The Clientele…this band peaces my heart out. Their haze is thick. They’re good in this room. I’m just noticing green-orange sunniness in the window behind me. I burnt incense in here earlier, to cover the Must that our vacuum spews; now I’m smelling college and similar sitting in similar rooms.


“You’ve got the spirit, don’t lose the feeling.”


“You said you were hot stuff, and that’s what baby’s been reduced to.”


Air War plays tonight at Dunes. I will bang my head and sweat and sing. I will stay in tune in previously unimaginable ways.

We haven’t played a show since the election. Holy Fuck was life different that night \\\\\\\\\

More More More

February 12, 2009

Forked Tongues

AIR WAR returns! Twice the hunger, Three times the angst. 25% more bass strings. Come see us play before I become a hobo!


February 10, 2009