Come into my Kitchen

come into my kitchen

Come into my Kitchen, c. 2005

All sorts of unexpected fruit are setting this January. Unfurling intentions, re-emergent obsessions and semi-radical Acceptance have charmed my first weeks of MMXI.

In particular, I’ve been sucked back into my love affair with Guitar. Something’s different this time though: I haven’t really been writing a lot of music, instead I’ve been learning how to play songs by others. I’d never really tried faithfully covering a beautiful, simple song, and I’ve found the practice of learning tunes I love to be tremendously gratifying and inspiring.

It’s weird to me that I never spent much time doing this before, in fact I consciously avoided it. I’d always been focused on writing my own songs, and even when I’ve covered a song in the past, I felt like it needed to be significantly altered, mutated, overcomplicated, turned into some Other thing that I could inhabit. I feel now like my unwillingness to learn and play a simple song was a misguided ideology, a nutrient-deficient musical vegetarianism. Singing and playing a song with an acceptance of the perfection it’s author’s work has imbued it with–without the need to completely revamp or rewrite it, relinquishing all of the stretching, slicing, fussing and fucking with it, and just enjoying it, As-It-Is–has been a holy and pleasing thing.

I’m not sure what I’m going to Do with this; I don’t really see it as a performance-oriented pursuit at the moment. There’s not really any goal, beyond learning and enjoying. Pleasure and craft. I overlooked the enjoyment that could come from such a normal, rudimentary practice for too long, and I’m giddy about the inspiration it’s providing. And maybe sometime, I’ll play your favorite song for you.


2 Responses to “Come into my Kitchen”

  1. nicole Says:

    my favorite song? really?

    • minorseconds Says:

      Nicole–absolutely. I’m sure your favorite song will be a great one. Hopefully it’s not, like, a Yes song or something. That could be done, but would take a while

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