Make a Brick

All new breathing: after a sludgy weekend, the head-cold breaks, just in time for a return to the workweek. Sniffled & cleaned much of the weekend, to less than hoped result.

At one point I consulted the Oblique Strategies, which stated: “Not building a wall, but making a brick”. I thought, ‘Yeah, exactly”, but now I’m not sure how small the brick is supposed to be. Maybe I need to go back further: “Not making a brick, but finding the mud.”


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One Response to “Make a Brick”

  1. Jasper Clunzap Says:

    Not finding the mud, but secreting the sweat/sand.

    Johnny Cage said it well when he whispered: “Even in an anechoic chamber you can still hear two things: one high pitched sound (your nervous system) and one low (your circulatory system).” Just goes to show: that dude had some good-ass hearing if he could hear his nervous system!

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