I’m still working on my emoticon for mind-blowage, but the title of this blog is a fair encapsulation of job’s effect on brains. Its not a good or bad thing, I just gotta train my brain. Install an on-off switch so I’m not laying in bed at night thinking about how I could have managed a situation better or what I’m going to do about it tomorrow or when I’m going to have time n’ energy to do some awesome ish for my blog. I’m having a lot of ‘grown-up’ feelings y’all, it’s lame. Time-lapse photography would confirm your suspicions: my hair and beard are getting shorter by the day. Gotta handle up on that granola! Get profreshional!

Tonight that Air War is gonna get down at The Know, pretty early. We keep that Cajun feeling in our heart….


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One Response to “(*.~’#@$,~8-/)”

  1. cvydesign Says:

    That emoticon may have some legs, we’ll work it out.

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