I just discovered that there is a band in my hometown sort of named after the neighborhood I grew up in: Broadmoore. It’s not really my jam, but they’re pretty good at what they do, and seem to be fairly popular. I just wish they didn’t add an “e” to Broadmoor–keep it real dudes! I hope at least one of them is actually from the hood…you don’t wanna cross the Broadmoor Army; they’re all lawyers now.

Last night I went to my buddy Zabe‘s reading. It was lots of fun. His story was a transchronological tour of The LaBrea Tarpits with the Discovery Institute. Also, many of the attendees were surprisingly attractive. But then someone began a poem with the phrase “I feel alienated”. Gawd! Listen to some Broadmoore, you’ll feel better!


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4 Responses to “Extraneouse”

  1. Brady of Broadmoore Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, we like the E! haha…

  2. minorseconds Says:

    Well, if you guys really like the E, keep on rockin it! Please ignore the bitchy old curmudgeon behind the blog.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Hey dude, it’s cool, someone sent us a link to your blog and we thought it was cool. I had a friend who lived in broadmoor and I had a lot of good memories from the neighborhood, and when we decided on the name we added the e to make it easier to distinguish, given the some 100000000 things named broadmoor, schools, hospitals, streets etc. Anyway, thanks for blogging about us, i thought that was pretty cool. later.


    • minorseconds Says:

      Right on. I’m all for being inspired by happy Broadmoor Terrace memories…that hood was a mystical place to dirt-biking, head-in-clouds child-me. And I would totally concede that the extra E does distinguish y’all from the tenmillion other Broadmoors. Thanks to you guys for dropping in and commenting, and keep on rockin in the Lafs!

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