Look out weekend, ’cause here I Grunge

I wound through my afternoon at work with a painful need to nap, a failing brain barely firing…and when I finally did burrow into my unmade bed, my semi-dreams were all me moving logos and type around on a screen. Unconscious poisoned! And yet: I’m not really a designer, there, or here, not ‘really’, but at the same time everyone is a designer, of his and her world, what is touched and said and written and clicked around in a diamond web of binary. “Everyone thinks they’re a designer” because they are–it’s just that not all of us are good designers.


It seems like when I’m riding around with Greg, I frequently see people trip on the sidewalk: like, I look over right as they’re falling, or mid-stumble-recovery. Especially on MLK. Maybe because the sidewalks are more uneven. I’m not even sure that’s it’s always with Greg; it is usually when I’m riding in a car that I see these things. I guess it also may be that alot of people here are bad walkers. I’m right at home with that.

Title credit: B*Tat


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