Hunt n’ Peck

Work is super-intense, in a good way, what little brains are left, to blog–
Work: Where I hit the ground running, where the ground now is running too.
I try to keep my sanity: in the clustered ducks of multiplying projects, schoolday paroxysms, office hustle, and brand-newness swirl, and it’s probably only possible to manage because my colleagues crack me up and are extremely nice overall. It’s a really interesting, intense shift in environment, focus, intensity and pretty much everything else. At the end of the work-day, my mind is sore, like a stretched muscle. I’m pretty whelmed, not yet quite over-
I’m even enjoying wearing smart chinos. What!


Got a new music magic mystery machine. Too complicated to blast off with yet, but once things settle down, I may get back to Beats and other Wild Chores…

EDIT // why not fool around a bit:

Gift Gaffe


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3 Responses to “Hunt n’ Peck”

  1. Tara Jo Says:

    Must have that typeface thing. Where did you find it?

    I need to see a pic of you in these chinos. Do they call you Mr Bueker?!

  2. minorseconds Says:

    Click on the table–I’m all about the Hot-Links! It’s from a dude’s portfolio. You can DL a big giant one there, and make your Christmas list from that. For Chino reference, just look at a Banana Republic catalog. I look just like those dudes!

  3. minorseconds Says:

    Oh, and the kids: they don’t say much to me–I tend to be back in an office under a pile of work, so we don’t interact much. I try to be friendly, but alot of em just give me skewed looks. It’s probably best that not know what they call me.

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