Stay Behind My Aura!

As Extreme Camp goes, one may be hard pressed to do better than Zardoz. Why it’s worthy: young hirsute and ponytailed Sean Connery, young (and quite fetching) Charlotte Rampling and Sara Kestelman, tremendously bad acting, ridiculous yet bizarrely stylish costumes, “perpetually stoned set decorators” (Ebert) and lots of weird sexuality. So nice I tried watching it twice. May not quite be worthy of reappraisal, but probably worth seeing on accident.


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3 Responses to “Stay Behind My Aura!”

  1. Tara Jo Says:

    that’s totally what you’re going to look like in 20 yrs. don’t doubt it

  2. cvydesign Says:

    This movie seriously influenced a large part of my adolescence. Mostly my fashion choices.

  3. Ryan Says:

    This flick is in my top ten of all time movies. There is just some thing special about it.

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