Excercising of Demons

Last night I was watching Jack Van Impe’s show on television, and it turns out that he’s fairly fixated on 2012, which I found surprising considering the numerous non-Christian ideologies that have embraced this date for transformation/eschaton. They were referencing the Mayans, and cited Sir Isaac Newton as a source for the date as well. He even has a video called “December 21, 2012: History’s Last Day?” Apparently JVI’s prognostication is all over the ‘net; I guess if you want pick a time for a grand finale, it’s convenient to go with the most recent widely accepted date. Of course, Van Impe is proposing that this would be the scheduled time for The Rapture, which makes sense; perhaps with all the saved new-suit-and-nice-watch wearing evangelists out of the way, we might actually evolve a little.
Also realized: about once a year I develop a fleeting but nonetheless embarrassing man crush on some newly-famous young rock dude(s), which isn’t so much homoerotic as it is a vicarious fixation, i.e., “I wish my life was so saturated in money, drugs, trim and adoration when I was 18-21”. It culminates in a fit of image-googling and jealous fantasy and peace can only be found when I listen the actual music said crushee has been making, and I realize how banal it is. Somehow, the vapidity of his creation serves to dull his beauty sufficiently. To David Berman’s “All my favorite singers couldn’t sing” I would add “All my favorite musicians weren’t very attractive (except Fela Kuti)”.


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