While I was home for the holidays, I pulled out an old guitar that happened to still be in the tuning I had it in back in Fall ’05, when I was writing squirrely songs with Greg in Lay to Waste‘s practice space. We were planning to move up here together, though he ended up coming to PDX and I went back to NOLA, so the project–and the guitar–got shelved. Anyway, I took note of the tuning; I can’t believe that old guitar was still even in tune!

We’ll call the tuning Ambiguous C, as it involves a couple of C’s, a couple of maj2s and a min3 that blends in with the whole sus mess. I’m sure someone else has used it, so I’ll share: Low to High, C-G-D-G-A-C. It’s very fun to play in, maybe even more intuitive than Trey C’s C (which is what Air War’s A# tuning is based on). I retuned my acoustic to Amb. C, and have promplty started on two little pieces. This recording is a rough take of the second, which began yesterday on the back deck, in the weak sun.

I keep thinking I’ll get back to doing my own stuff, guitarwise (the beatmaking is a pretty noncomittal & dilatory pursuit). I’m not interested in writing lyrics for my songs anymore–I’d rather just play guitar and sing along if I feel like it, without worrying so much about verbal cleverness. I’ve been into Leo Kottke, John Fahey and [early] Kaki King for a while, and recently discovered Michael Hedges, so I guess there’s a whole universe of folks who just play guitar, though I don’t feel virtuoistic to engage an audience that way. Still, if I didn’t feel I had to write lyrics (and manage vocal melodies on top of everything else), I’d have “written” alot more “songs”. Ahem.

*Title Note: I should thank Tara Jo for paying attention, which I should do more of.


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