I’m the bitch who fell off

Nearing the end of my week in Louisiana, I’d hoped to pop off one last substantiative post, with some photos taken with my new camera [AWESOME] and some old drawings I found in the annual stuff-sifting at my folks’ house. Unfortunately, various technical obstacles have nixed this, but at any rate this trip has been fun and inspiring and a Total Jam as far as hanging out is concerned. The stress of returning to Rainland and Unemployment looms, but at the moment I’m enjoying idleness, fatty food and beautiful weather. And after I finish this post, I’m going to the Acadiana Mall!

It was just over a year ago that the idea of starting this blog was hatched, at The Saint in NOLA, over drinks with Erik Kiesewetter. I’m really glad that it didn’t end with that conversation, and I really want to acknowledge what a major inspiration and supporter EK has been–he’s a really tremendously talented designer, but even moreso he’s a catalyst for so many other peeps: he’s been instrumental in the development of entire Scenes, which flourished far beyond his initial (and pivotal) input, and if it weren’t for him, I’d be living in the stone age. This blog was one of several of his nudges in the right direction, and although the year was not as art-prolific as i might have wished, I still cracked on it, and Minor Seconds has persisted to an extent that I’m semi-proud of.

As the blog’s one year anniversary approaches, I feel like it has developed into a useful platform for my creative endeavors and bullshit impulses, and I plan to redouble efforts to keep the shelves stocked. Thanks for reading, looking and listening; I’ll do my best to keep it worth yr while.

Love + Newness,



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