No Good Moves

Not blogging hasn’t really altered my economic reality in any discernable way, and I’m getting fairly burnt out on poring over scant job listings and writing cover letters. And this morning reminds me: I still have a (part-time) job for the moment, and as my gal reminds me, the moment is all we have. It’s an interesting feeling: looking forward to going to work. Other topics:

1. Our household’s good friend Gabriel Blackwell had a story published on the Conjunctions website; I can’t quite directly link to it, but if you click here it’s currently the second one down (“The Behavior of Pidgeons”). A diagramatic logic-mystery, for your pleasure.

2. My buddy Adam Sorensen has some fantastical paintings up at PDX Gallery. Approach the way you would any psychedelic revelation.

Click to pre-view:

3. I haven’t been much inclined to beats and whatnot lately, but this little piece has stumbled together, and seems ripe enough to drop:

Migrainores, Pt. 1


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