Cloud, Skull

Clusters galore in ’07. The Shattering Skull was the last. It turned into a slightly cryptic show flyer. Not even a flyer, more of an intensely detailed logo.

D C 3


The clusters were pretty tight at first. They started to disintegrate in the predecessor to the above piece, from early this fall, which is kind of undercut by the recent ‘mouth-eyes’ trend that it seems to have drawn from the same archetypal aether as.




Skulls seem to be reaching a saturation point in popular imagery. It’s too bad because I think they’re symbolically potent and beautiful objects. Before the plant-clusters took any shape, they were mostly just clouds, kind of randomly formed in the repetitiveness of their making. I also did a couple of drawings of oil rigs reconstituting plant matter–a magical inversion of the geo-epic process that results in petroleum. Rig No. 1:

rig no. 1


One Response to “Cloud, Skull”

  1. ninaroos Says:

    this i find very good drawings

    merci for sharing

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