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My primary design pursuit since The Teen Ages has been making rock show flyers. For bands I’ve played in, and also occasionally shows put on by friends + associates. Actually I think the first flyer I ever did was for a show at The Bandstand in St. Martinville, LA. I was 14; a friend of mine named Jeremy put it on, and Urbosleeks, October Groundfly, Yellow Dye #5 and Stitch played. I saw the flyer once on the Fiddy Cent Draft Blog, but the page with it is gone now. I hope I run across it again sometime, I don’t have a copy. That show changed my life, in particular seeing Steve Miller play bass for the first time, and break a bass guitar string (something which has been a frequent occurance for me lately, for whatever reason). I also seem to recall doing a flyer for a show at The Wall on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette, LA, not sure if that was later on or even earlier [both would be late 1993 or 1994].

Nonetheless, here’s a couple of recent pieces for my current band, Air War:



air war 11/27

I’m pretty stoked about the Tube flyer being printed in color. It’s a rare luxury. I’ve noticed Holocene’s flyers lately seem to be one-color using red or purple toner–pretty brilliant. I did once do a two-color xerox and spraypaint side for (The) Frames of Reference:





This image is slightly different from the printed/posted flyers. The sky [pink] is a scrap from a test of the stencil, attached to a handbill and scanned. The 11×17″ posters were all spraypainted directly, and the clouds went across the top, making a more pronounced horizon.

There are a couple of other Frames items I’ll eventually post–in my year and a half of playing drums in the band, I did several broadsides, a t-shirt and a couple of album covers.


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